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Waltz No.2 Waltz No.2

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Very good!

This is too Good. I played a puzzle game, and that is how I found this song.

I congratulate you. BTW how was this recorded? with real instruments?

What Are We Worth? What Are We Worth?

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Very Nice.

Pretty cool. And simple. I'm extremely curios as to what programs did you used?

Also that piano, how did you get such great tone?

Thanks for the post. And I'd really appreciate if you check some of my stuff. :D

Centrist responds:

I used Reason 5.0, and the piano was just one of the VSTI's with a chorus and some different adjustments.

And I shall, thanks for the review!

Creepy Horror Ambience Creepy Horror Ambience

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow, soo Retro!!

Cool dude, I really liked it. The only thing that kind of annoyed me where those strings on the background, just the sound.

But anywho, great job! And if you got couple minutes for spare, I'd appreciate if you review some of my stuff. :D!

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Raider Cave (Epilogue) Raider Cave (Epilogue)

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Hey, pretty good job.

Really like the song. What program are you using? the sound quality is great!

And, if you get a chance, I'd appreciate if you check a submission from mine.
Thanks :)

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F4LL0UT responds:

Thanks for the positive comment.

As a DAW I'm using Cubase 5. The orchestral instruments are a mix of Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra and HALion Symphonic Orchestra. For the groove I used Stormdrum 2 and Stylus RMX.

And yeah, I'll check out your stuff some time.

When I'm AloneIn The World When I'm AloneIn The World

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Yeah, pretty sweet!

Just want to Fly Just want to Fly

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Chilled and groovy.

This is pretty cool. Thanks!

Ball of Confusion Ball of Confusion

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Hey, how do you do this? I hear sound quality on every instrument. I'm pretty blown away. I've got a lot of questions.

Btw, how are you making those background noises at the beginning? it kind of reminds me of gorillaz, they use similar sounds. on some of their songs.

Unodir responds:

equal parts great attributions, and quality brew / patience. Always feel free to hit me up via pm. I am more than happy to discuss

(Piano)another impro (Piano)another impro

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Hey dude, this is pretty cool. I really like it. There's no details to point out. Starts, really mellow then it turns a bit more intricate.

Thanks. Hey, and if you've got some time, check some of my stuff.

{DJWT} Is It Really You? {DJWT} Is It Really You?

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This is pretty cool, I really like the filters, you put in... and the whatever notes/sounds you use to break right into the song are pretty creative. You get a 10 from me. And please do check my stuff. :D!!!!

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MSXOmega responds:

Thanks! I'll be sure to check out your stuff. :P

Jonesy Jonesy

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For a loop this is pretty cool.